What is VRMCheck?

VRMCheck is a Vehicle Registration Mark Lookup (VRM Lookup) and Vehicle Identification Number Lookup (VIN Lookup) Adobe® AIR™ application aimed at the automotive industry and allows automotive parts suppliers to enter a VRM or VIN and view general information about a vehicle. VRMCheck will allow you to do a VIN check or VRM search at the touch of a button.

Why do I need VRMCheck?

If you are an automotive parts supplier then you will know that identifying which spare part fits a particular vehicle can be a very complicated process. VRMCheck will allow you to enter the VRM or VIN and retrieve all the details you need. If you need to do a registration check or find a car by vin number then VRMCheck will save you time and money because you will be more able to accurately identify the right part first time!

How up to date is the data?

The data displayed within VRMCheck is entered daily from the manufacturers' new registrations databases. Weekly, monthly and annually these records are updated to record changes in ownership, new registration number, scrapping etc.

How much does VRMCheck cost?

VRMCheck is FREE to download but users must register and purchase Tokens to lookup vehicles. Tokens start at 20p each and once you have purchased some then they never expire.

Still not sure?

If you are still not sure about the service then call us on 0845 868 4538 or email enquiry@vrmcheck.co.uk and we will answer any questions you may have.

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